Wills and Probate

We have extensive experience in advising you in relation to succession planning and the preparation or amendment of your Will.  We can assist you to prepare a Will that will reflect your own circumstances, will address your own family arrangements, but will be flexible to meet your future needs and desires. Preparing a Will is the best way of reflecting your wishes in relation to the distribution of your Estate to those near and dear to you.

In addition, we have experience in advising you in relation to the appointment of Enduring Guardians and Attorneys pursuant to a Power of Attorney.  Making these arrangements ensures that your wishes are respected and adhered to during your lifetime.  They provide security for the proper management of your finances and for life style decisions relating to your health, accommodation and the like.  They are very important responsibilities to bestow and great care is required to ensure that you are fully informed of the effects and consequences of appointing an Attorney and / or a Guardian. We can assist you in navigating the process to ensure that your interests are preserved and protected.

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